Bellaluca Demolition Perth | Demolition Experts do the Paperwork

How to avoid delays and costs of your demolition by having your paperwork taken care of 

The process of land division can be a byzantine one. You have lots of plates spinning, from paperwork to permissions to the demolition itself. Without a smooth, well-oiled machine, you can quickly find yourself in hot water, with stress and hassle piling up in spades. Whether you’re selling off newly divided land or constructing houses for purchase, it’s essential to plan carefully and safely to avoid unwanted bother, be it hidden costs or things that halt the process unnecessarily. For 25 years, Bellaluca Demolition and Construction have been helping diminish stress and help with the process, take care of paperwork and council approvals. 

Here are some of the ways Bellaluca can assist in making the demolition process carefree and efficient for property or landowners in Perth:

The Process

Whether it’s a partial, entire demolition, post-demolition site clean or an office strip out, Bellaluca’s licensed service can help take care of it. Even with the most challenging procedures, Bellaluca takes a focused laser approach to understand the necessary methods and machinery required for your demolition project. Identifying hazards and risks is fundamental to the work and something we provide help with. The aim is to be efficient and meticulous while minimizing damage to nearby and surrounding land and properties with minimal impact and interference with the local and surrounding neighbourhood. The work doesn’t end there, though; site cleans are important to the process as you can find yourself with a completed job but with debris that you have to remove yourself, putting a hold on any construction. It can also be quite difficult to dispose of yourself; after each project, we’re committed to a thorough site clean to ensure you are able to get on with work right away.


A demolition project doesn’t just start with picking a spot/structure, pointing at it and knocking it down. Anyone that’s gone through the demolition process knows that it involves acquiring and coordinating approvals from your local council. Being a Perth based Demolition company with 25 years of experience in Perth, Bellaluca has a strong working relationship with councils all over Perth and can help take care of obtaining relevant applications, negotiating local guidelines and gaining approval. We can help take the stress out of mounting paperwork as we know this can be an exhaustive process, working with you with the help of our experts to make it more manageable so that your demolition can go off without a hitch

Without proper planning and an organized and efficient process, with all the necessary paperwork taken care of, your demolition project will not run as smoothly as you hope. Bellaluca aims to stop hidden costs that you may find if paperwork and approvals are not done properly. If approvals are not obtained, you may find your work delayed; Bellaluca aims to ensure the projects of Perth land and property owners are completed when you plan to.