Bellaluca Demolition | Waste & Recycling

Regardless of whether you’re demolishing a commercial site, a home, or anything else, that rubble all has to go somewhere. In recent years, more and more focus has been placed on the environment and the need to recycle as much as possible. Sustainable demolition can be a challenging concept, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the potential pitfalls and complications of environmentally friendly demolition.

Thankfully, Bellaluca demolition have the training and experience necessary to correctly deal with rubble and other waste in an environmentally friendly manner. So, let’s look at a few different questions that you may have.

Where Does The Rubble Go?

After a demolition project, the largest amount of waste produced is typically rubble. This rubble is primarily made up of the concrete or brick that had made up the building. Throughout the demolition, the rubble will be transported to a secondary location where it will be crushed into smaller pieces. 

From there, a magnet is used to remove ferrous materials, like iron or steel, which will also be recycled. Then, the rubble will be processed and sorted once more until it’s able to be used again.

The rubble will be reused as building materials, which is both cheaper and more environmentally friendly than sourcing from a quarry. It can be used for roads, driveways, and even the construction of homes. 

What Can Be Recycled?

Rubble isn’t the only waste product from a demolition site that can be recycled. Plastics can be salvaged and reused, if it’s in good condition. Plasterboard is also reusable, as long as it is kept relatively dry and stripped off any contaminates. Untreated wood is also very recyclable, as it can either be reused as is or turned into sawdust or chipboard.

Why Should I Recycle?

As well as the potential benefits for the environment, recycling can help your business as well. If you keep materials in good condition, they can be reused. This saves time and money, and creates jobs.

If you have any construction plans, whether it’s a building or simply to pave over the demolished lot, then being able to reuse the rubble from the demolition project will be much better than having to source and secure construction materials. 

Depending on where you live, you may be legally bound to dispose of your waste responsibly, including recycling whenever appropriate. So, not only does this process potentially benefit you and the environment, but it can help you avoid painful legislation issues.

How Can Bellaluca Help?

Bellaluca has decades of experience in the demolition industry, ranging from partial residential demolitions to much larger commercial projects. The staff is fully trained and more than capable of challenging jobs. 

Bellaluca also specializes in asbestos removal, so that it can be taken from your property in as safe and responsible way as possible. As well as the excellent training and the appropriate licences, Bellaluca also has all the relevant insurances to cover any eventuality. 

Managing waste disposal responsibly can be stressful, but Bellaluca does their best to recycle and reuse as much as possible. With this team by your side, you’ll have much less to worry about.