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Whether you need full or partial demolition of a commercial property, the paperwork involved can be overwhelming and best handled by the demolition company carrying out the work.

Regardless of the size of the job, a demolition company must be up to date with all rules and regulations to ensure the safety of its workers and the public.

After more than 25 years in business, Perth commercial demolition company, Bellaluca Demolition Pty Ltd, knows how to secure all government and Council permits, and works with gas, and electrical companies to abolish the site’s services. It carries all necessary insurances for the protection of its workers and to give its clients peace of mind.

Bellaluca works across the board on small to large projects as well as internal stripping and fit outs of shops and offices.

Site-specific plans

Because demolition projects can expose workers and the public to significant risks, the demolition company will consult with engineers and devise a highly detailed site-specific plan to establish a safe workplace. The plan will include proper supervision of workers, work scheduling and organisation. Avoiding accidents may come down to inspection procedures and training or induction of workers prior to engaging in site work.

Adjacent structures

Assets or structures adjacent to the building being demolished will be included in the plan to make sure the demolition does not adversely affect them in any way. The plan will also identify types of skills and machinery required to complete the job.

Services abolished

The next step is to have the gas and electricity services abolished. Owners must prove to the Council that these services no longer exist on the site. The site must be bare of all meters and piping.

Protection of assets

The local Council may also require an ‘asset protection permit’ before demolition can begin. This type of protection covers the demolition and the new property that will be built on the site.

Safety fencing

To comply with the Council’s public safety regulations, temporary fencing will need to be erected around a site where a building is scheduled for demolition. Bellaluca Demolition can handle this aspect of the project, cutting through yet another piece of red tape for the client.

Removing asbestos

Councils require advance notice of asbestos removal. Bellaluca Demolition follows Australia’s Code of Practice for the Safe Removal of asbestos and all other safety of care requirements. It can conduct tests for the presence of asbestos and is licenced to manage its removal. Personnel who remove the asbestos are trained professionals.

Permit for tree removal

Depending on size and type of tree, or if a tree is part of the area’s ‘vegetation protection overlay’, a local Council permit for its removal will be needed. To quote, “Uniquely, all Councils in WA appear to use significant tree registers. Criteria include size (height, canopy and girth) as well as heritage and indigenous/native value, however criteria do vary across Councils.”  

For commercial demolition in Perth and surrounding areas, the most competitive quote will come from Bellaluca Demolition. to book a free site inspection and quote. Or fill out the online form at to apply for a quote within 24 hours. For peace of mind and a professional job well done, Bellaluca have the industry history and expertise.

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