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5 Benefits of a Commercial Demolition

Whether you’ve recently expanded your portfolio or you want to get more from existing investments properties, there should be only one goal in mind: maximised ROI opportunities. Commercial demolitions may not stand out as the obvious solution, but they could be the key to a better financial future.

Here at Bellaluca Demolition Perth, our experienced team of commercial demolition experts can take care of your project from conception to completion. Here are just five of the many rewarding features it can bring.

#1. It’s quite possibly the cheapest solution

Renovation costs have skyrocketed in recent years. So, if you purchased an investment property that’s a fixer-upper, it may actually be cheaper to complete a commercial demolition and start afresh. 

Similarly, a cheap but neglected building that is infested with pests or suffers from structural damage may be better suited to a full or partial commercial demolition. After all, traditional renovation costs could escalate if you encounter further problems.

#2. It unlocks increased revenue potential

Even if the full demolition and construction project does require a big outlay, it will be met with increased earning potential. A new build is naturally more attractive and the subsequent increase in demand allows you to command a greater monthly premium.

Australia real estate prices have grown at an impressive rate over recent decades. The trend is expected to continue despite the global pandemic. So, as a long-term investment, a newer and better construction is likely to unlock a better sale price in future years. 

#3. You’ll have greater control on the building

By now, you’ve probably conducted enough market research to know what type of commercial property will deliver the best results. The great thing about a commercial demolition is that it gives you the opportunity to turn your vision into a reality.

Modifying the floor plan, for example, could unlock a host of new opportunities. Bellaluca Demolition can help you achieve this in the quickest and most cost-effective manner via alternative methods like partial commercial demolitions or strip-outs. So, you can reap the rewards even sooner.

#4. You’ll Increase the safety

While the financial outcomes are at the top of your agenda, commercial property developers also want to accept their human responsibilities. A commercial demolition removes harmful materials and allows you to rebuild using the latest and safest products.

Given that Australia has one of the worst records for asbestos cases, this can be an immensely beneficial step that protects tenants as well as your financial assets. Meanwhile, the new build can incorporate safety features that weren’t available when the original structure was made.

#5. It removes any “what if” feelings

As a property developer or investor, there’s nothing worse than feeling like you’ve missed an opportunity for greater ROIs. The fact that you are considering a commercial demolition suggests that it is the best route to take. But if you take an alternative path, the sense of regret will always circle overhead.

At the very least, you should at least analyse whether a commercial demolition job may be the best way to treat your asset for long-term prosperity. Call Bellaluca’s experts to arrange a consultation today. Together, we will build a brighter future for your investment!