Does your property need a better street appeal?

One of the main reasons as to why you’d want to demolish an existing property, domestic or commercial, is that it’s just not good looking enough! After all, you want to use it to live in, or to work in, or to rent out to prospective tenants, and you just don’t have enough curb appeal to do any of those things. 

Indeed, the latter option alone is a big motivator for demolition. Attracting the right tenants is one thing, but if you have no potential tenants at all, you need to do something major to give the property more appeal. A demolition is often the right solution here, allowing you to construct a new build that has a lot of market appeal. 

Cheaper than a Renovation

With the cost of a renovation rising year by year, often enough it can be cheaper to knock down a property, rather than committing all that time, effort and money to renovating or remodeling it into something workable. 

Demolition allows you to start afresh, and build something that you both like and is cost effective for your budget. And whether you have an old or new build property on your hands, a demolition can be a productive move in both cases. 

Bellaluca advantages

Do you need to get your property demolished? Don’t go it alone; here at Bellaluca in the local Perth area, we offer some specific demolition advantages when you choose us to help knock down your home or business. We have competitive rates, and we know what we’re doing. After all, we specialise in creating a safe and productive work site, to make sure your life (professional or public!), will be hampered for too long. Let’s go through just a few of them below: 

Partial or full Office Strip Out

Our demolition services are here to help you, and that means we work on your terms. If you need a commercial building to be stripped out, because it’s not up to regulations, or it’s been deemed unsafe, or you just want to rearrange your whole floor plan and make better use of the space, we have the necessary equipment to lay the foundations for you. 

Paperwork Done

We’ll handle all the paperwork so you don’t have to. We know what needs to be filled out, and how to get it done in a fast and effective manner, and we’ll ensure you’re kept up to date with the process. You simply won’t have to put any extra effort in; we’ll clean up and sign off on your behalf. 

Extra care

We take our time, and ensure all of our employees and worksites operate under extra care orders. We’re professionals with years of experience in the demolition business, and that means we know how to run a demolition site! We’ll run you through the entire process, make sure the worksite is kept safe at all times, and that all of our employees are fully certified to work on such a job.