Things to know before demolishing your home

Whether you’re a new homeowner or thinking of buying one, you should know about a procedure called “demolition.” House demolition is a serious thing and must be carried out by licensed contractors and professionals because you don’t want to hurt yourself or others. Here are some simple things to know about house demolition before your first project.

What kind of materials does your home have?

The first and most important consideration before doing house demolition Perth is what materials your house is made out of. This can affect the permits you’ll need, the contractors you’ll hire, and even the time it takes to tear down your home. For example:


  • Wood-frame houses are the easiest and fastest to demolish. These structures can be taken down by hand or knocked down with a large machine called an excavator.

  • Masonry homes are made from concrete, brick, or stone. They can also be torn down by hand or by an excavator but often need to be broken up into smaller pieces before being removed from your property. A professional contractor will usually handle this task.

  • Steel-frame homes are the most complex to demolish because these materials must be carefully separated for recycling purposes. This Demolition Perth work is often performed by a specialized company like Bellaluca demolition with the right equipment to handle steel safely.


Before you can do a home demolition Perth, you must first determine if you can legally do so. While this will vary from city to city, most places require that you obtain a permit to demolish any dwelling, whether it’s a single-family home, townhouse, or apartment building.

Suppose the house is a historical landmark or located in an area concerned about public health during the demolition process. In that case, the city may have additional requirements before granting a permit.

If your home is not considered historic or in a public health zone and you are allowed to demolish it, then it’s time to consider how many square feet your home is and what level of demolition you plan to undertake.

You may be able to take down a small structure without much assistance. However, larger homes require the help of professionals. For example, if your home is older and has many additions, it may have asbestos insulation or lead paint that needs to be removed by experts. Larger homes may also contain hazardous materials that need to be disposed of properly by pros.

Who’s going to do the demo?

Most cities require that you hire a licensed contractor for the project. A licensed contractor like Bellaluca demolition will pull the proper permits, work safely and know what to do with debris at the end of the job. You’ll also want to hire an architect or engineer first to make sure that you’re following all local building codes. These professionals will often work with your contractor on this phase.

Bellaluca construction will be worth every penny spent and every minute of your time. Not only with the demo but also in the cleanup period to follow. The demolition services Bellaluca provide will be a great asset in your next project, allowing you to get the best out of your investment. After the cleanup period, you will be free to have any contractor you wish to build your dream house; give Bellaluca demolition a call today.