Partial or Full House Demolition

Demolishing an old house might seem like a simple job, but a lot needs to be done before you call in the bulldozers. It takes time to gain the necessary demolition permits, make preparations on-site, and then carry out the work. 

Bellaluca Demolition is on the list of Licensed Demolition Contracts in Perth, Worksafe West Australia, so whether you need full or partial demolition, you know you’re in safe hands. 

What Is Partial Demolition?

A partial or selective demolition is the removal of part of a building, rather than the entire structure. This kind of demolition work is more complicated, as you need to maintain the existing structure and avoid causing any damage. This is why you need an expert like Bellaluca Demolition to do the work. Bellaluca Demolition knows how to safely remove one area, without causing problems for the structural integrity in the rest of the building. Plumbing, cable, or electrical systems may also need rerouting as part of partial demolition

Residential partial demolition might include knocking out a wall to enlarge an existing room, removing an exterior wall to build an extension, bringing an existing home up to current building codes, or to replace defective plumbing.

What Is Full Demolition?

Full demolition is when the whole house is removed entirely. As with partial demolition, there’s a lot to consider to make sure the work is done safely. Always hire an expert like Bellaluca, so you know you have any needed permits in place, the waste is handled safely and responsibly, and the land is left in a state that a brand new home can be built there. 

Residential full demolition is not as common as partial demolition, but you need to go down this route if you want to use the land but don’t want to salvage the existing home. Perhaps you’ve acquired a great plot of land with an old house on it but would prefer to clear the way for a sleek, modern build. 

Site Clean After Demolition

Some demolition companies don’t recycle very much of the waste and just send it to landfill. Others will carefully remove any recyclable materials, such as bricks, roof tiles and paving. If you want to salvage items from the old property yourself, make sure your demolition contractor knows this. At Bellaluca, we are always careful to leave a clean site behind before we sign off the job, so any rubble is handled responsibly, so you won’t have to deal with it. Let Bellaluca handle the difficult part, and save yourself the stress. 

For your residential demolition needs, call Bellaluca Demolition. We have 25 years of experience in the industry and will offer a free quote and site inspection for your project. Our company holds a Class 2 demolition licence and asbestos removal licence. We have all the relevant insurances so you can rest assured that in the unlikely event that something should happen we are covered. Contact Bellaluca today to start planning your demolition project.