What to Prepare for House Demolition

Hey homeowner! Think about doing a house demolition? You probably need to consider a lot of factors and prepare yourself for such a big decision. The cost to demolish a house can vary depending on the size and location of your property. Aside from the money you need to set aside for the demolition contractors, you also need to think of making a budget for safety permits and area inspections.

It is clear that if you do not have a roadmap and a checklist of what to do, then you may quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of house demolition. Don’t worry, this article will help you figure out what you need to prepare so you can start your house demolition with ease!

Demolition contractor

Keep an Eye Out for the Right Demolition Contractors

It does not matter if you are going for a big demolition project or a small one. Unless you are an expert in demolition or you have an extensive background, we do not recommend handling the job by yourself. It is not just a matter of experience, but of health and safety as well.

We recommend researching ahead so you have a roster of demolition contractors that you can get initial quotations from. The companies that make your list should have the proper licensing, experience, and work ethic for your project. 

Try Getting a Pre-Demolition Inspection

When it comes to property and infrastructure, things are never as straightforward as they appear. You may find yourself shocked at all the additional expenses that you have to consider throughout the process. That is why we recommend getting a home inspection before the demolition inspection itself so that you do not find yourself stuck in a sticky situation mid-demolition.

Home inspectors can help you determine the kind of crew you need to hire, particularly if you need one that can offer hazardous removals. Plenty of older homes has asbestos problems, which can only be treated and removed by licensed professionals.

A home inspection can also give you guidance on whether deconstruction, which is demolition by hand, can be a part of your overall demolition plan. Deconstruction is important because it clears the way for heavy machinery later on in the process.

Demolition inspection

Make Temporary Housing and Storage Arrangements

People and objects that are not a part of the demolition process should be removed from the site. Since most demolitions take six to eight weeks, you definitely need to plan ahead. Consider staying with friends, relatives, or renting a place out until everything is finished.

This is an important step, even if you are only doing a partial demolition. Separate housing arrangements reduce the risk of injury, the potential for delays, and other inconveniences. 


Even though demolition happens on personal property, there are so many people involved and it often feels like the world of a community. Prepare to consistently keep in touch with your utility company, home insurer, municipal representatives, and the demolition crew so that everybody can get their job done efficiently. 

As a homeowner, you may find yourself in charge of certain tasks, such as securing building permits or shutting off utility lines. Make sure to clarify your responsibilities beforehand before you get started on the project. 
Bellaluca is a demolition contractor based in Perth, WA. We handle the full demolition process from start to finish. We can also offer tailored demolition services for those with special preferences or a tight budget. Get in touch with us today for an initial consultation and quotation.