Safe Asbestos Removal | Bellaluca Demolition Experts

Asbestos was used often in the construction industry as it can withstand heat, which means it is still common in a lot of buildings today. Asbestos is known to be safe if it is undisturbed, but over time the material can break down and become weak, or disrupted with renovations, home DIY projects, and any natural disasters that can shake the structure. 

As it contains toxic fibers, the removal of asbestos is vital to eliminating the risk of exposure. Hiring a professional asbestos removal expert is the safest option over DIY asbestos removal, allowing you and your family/employees to stay away from exposure. It is not worth the risk to attempt removal without an expert present, as if it is not removed properly, any exposure to dust, materials, or fiber can be detrimental. 

Asbestos removal experts, such as Bellaluca are equipped to safely test, identify and remove the materials that hold the toxic asbestos fibber’s and follow strict regulations.  The team at Bellaluca have been in the industry and know the many and varied, ever changing landscape for all the regulations to comply with safe Asbestos Removal.

What to expect with asbestos removal professionals 

After initial contact with Bellaluca, the process starts with an inspection. This entails taking samples of the materials where the asbestos is suspected. These samples are then later analysed by specialists to determine the magnitude of the problem and dictate the next steps for removal. The length of the process will depend on the level and location of exposed materials. 

Once the size and area of work has been established, the site is prepped. Debris is cleared, any operating equipment or appliances at the location are disabled and access is removed. The relevant equipment is set up including air pressure systems, decontamination enclosures, and plastic sheeting, to ensure the environment is optimal and safe for removal experts to conduct their work properly and prevent asbestos fibres from becoming airborne. When work starts, only authorised personnel will be allowed on the removal site.  Bellaluca are renowned for their safety and expertise in this area.

After successful removal of the asbestos, materials and equipment will be contained in airtight containers, labelled, and disposed of accordingly. This is a strict and complex process, which contains asbestos exposure and reduces the risk of fibres escaping into the air. Equipment used by asbestos removals usually include:

Asbestos safety

From the moment of suspecting asbestos, the safest thing you can do is to leave it alone. The first and most important steps are to clear the area, away from people and call a Bellaluca to take care of the rest. It is important to not attempt to remove, vacuum, or clean the suspicious materials, instead leave it to the experts. 

Simply inhaling asbestos can lead to detrimental health issues, including lung and mesothelioma cancer. According to the National Asbestos Profile for Australia, it is predicted there were 18,000 cases of mesothelioma in 2020 and another 30,000 to 40,000 cases of asbestos-related diseases. 

When Bellaluca arrive on site they will clear and seal off the area so it cannot be accessed at all. 

Legal complications 

In Australia, the removal of asbestos is only sanctioned if you hold a license. So not only does removing asbestos come with safety risks but also legal implications too. The removal of asbestos has to be completed in line with strict regulations and properly fulfill safety requirements. 

Hiring an asbestos removal expert can be the safest and most efficient way to rid you of your asbestos problems.  Give Bellaluca Demolition a call and minimise any unnecessary mishaps with asbestos.